This website is dedicated to expanding the vibrational range of Conduitive Healers, (those who channel healing energy from spirit to client), while also increasing their grounding to the Earth to increase their conscious awareness during their own sessions allowing them to gain more insight from those sessions and add to their Healing Knowledge Bank so that it can grow and act as an ever increasing solid reference for more insight into all of their future sessions. 

For most of my life I was involved in manufacturing. In my early 50s I became very curious about the Creative Spark that would allow new ideas and inventions to pop into my mind, seemingly from out of "nowhere". This started my journey, my exploration into the vibrational world beyond the physical. After much research and practical effort I discovered energetic healing and started applying what I learned in sessions which gradually took on a life of their own, I was slowly guided to a unique healing method.

I am very grateful for being introduced to some of Native American culture. I owe them a great debt as Native Americans are truly grounded to the Earth in a powerful way and that ability to ground, strongly influenced my ability to stay consciously aware on both sides during healing sessions. This conscious awareness allowed me to create a Road Map which leads me step by step through healing sessions. I wish to share this grounding gift with all who believe that a powerful grounding would benefit them as well. Enjoy your Journey.