The ability to do Subtle Energy Healing is inherent in everyone. Just as copper wire is a conductor of electrical energy, we as human beings are conductors of subtle energy. To put it simply there is an Energetic Scale and at the bottom of this scale is coarse energy, as you move upward along this scale the energy gets finer. Finer energy allows for healing on the conscious and sub-conscious levels, healing across our being: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual.

Craig Stucko - The Red Road to Healing.j

Craig Stucko was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. The majority, of his life had been spent involved in all aspects of manufacturing, most especially taking concepts and ideas and turning them into new and patentable products. He was the Director of Engineering of a Multinational Corporation and has designed many patented products, including his own. In his early 50’s Craig started questioning how creative ideas came to him, it became his passion and over the course of six years, and after much study, he took his insights into creating things in the physical world out into the energetic healing world. What he discovered went far beyond what he expected. Craig was guided how to work with subtle energy in a way that raises vibration, balances the human energy field, opens and interconnects chakras, and energetically grounds clients to the earth.