Healings for the Holidays

The perfect time to show you care with the gift of Healing!

Show you Care by gifting Friends and Family Members a Free Holiday Healing

Download the Holiday Healing Coupon, which you can gift to all those Special Someones in your Life.


When they redeem their coupon, they will receive a free audio recording of the Holiday Healing Meditation.

Those Special people in your Life simply choose any convenient evening from December 26th to December 31st to listen to their powerful Holiday Meditation before going to bed. Listening to this recording will activate the healing intention.

The healing includes a clearing of negative energies, and a request to the Universe to do what is in each Special Person's Best Good to prepare them for the coming year.

Please use the Link below to receive your free Holiday Healing Coupon.

It can be printed out to put in a card or sent electronically.

This Distance Healing is an opportunity for us to support and uplift humanity in a true Holiday Spirit of Friendship, Love, and Compassion! 

Viki Scudiery

Root Energy Healing


Craig Stucko

Conduitive Healing


Happy Holidays !

Privacy Policy: We respect your privacy. Any information gathered through this offering is confidential and will be used only to offer this one time distance healing. Any other use will only be with the direct consent of participants.

This offer expires at Midnight on December 31,2018.