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Healings for the Holidays

Please see below to learn more about your Holiday Healing Guided Meditation.

You have received a wonderful gift of healing from someone who cares for you.


Your Guided Meditation has been lovingly created by Healers who specialize in long Distance Healing.

Viki and Craig, the creators of your Holiday Healing Guided Meditation, have worked together to open a channel for unconditional love to pass through directly to all who listen to the Holiday Healing Message.


The intention has been put in place to allow you to choose an evening from Dec 26th, right up to Dec 31st

to receive your Gift.


When you go to bed on that chosen night, just relax into the channeled message from Viki that will guide you through fully receiving your healing.

You will be cleared of negative energy and Viki and Craig have asked that they both be clear channels to allow what is in your best good, to pass through to you.

The intention of this gift is to prepare you for a healthy start in the New Year.

Please supply your email address below to receive your Holiday Healing Audio Recording.

Much love, now and throughout the coming year,

Viki Scudiery, Root Energy Healing, www.rootenergyhealing.com


Craig Stucko, Conduitive Healing,


Privacy Policy: We respect your privacy. Any information gathered through this offering is confidential and will be used only to offer this one time distance healing. Any other use will only be with the direct consent of participants.

This offer expires at Midnight on December 31, 2018.