• Craig Stucko

1 on 1 - Clear Balance Ground + Write Up

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

This is my favorite type of session. During a standard 1 on 1 session many visions, feelings and sensations are experienced by the Facilitator/Conduit of the session. In the added "Write Up" the Facilitator then interprets all that is experienced based on their "knowledge bank" of information gathered from all of their previous energetic sessions. Thus an experiential "road map" is followed to create your personal "Write Up". Often there will be shared experiences which will bring additional clarity to the meaning of the session and how it supports your higher/healing purpose. Please use this space to ask questions and possibly share experiences. This blog is intended to allow everyone to share their own experiences, and also review other's experiences; as commonalities between experiences are found they can then bring more clarity to all involved and this experiential knowledge can then be added to your own healing "Energetic Toolbox".

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