I was introduced to Craig in 2015 at a light grid intensive training. It was and still is apparent that he is passionate, dedicated and called to the holistic world of healing. This shows through in his work. I have found his sessions to be very grounding and genuine.  You can experience his work in person or through a distance healing session. He is always eager to share his gifts and support others through their healing process.

Lisa O’Brien, CRM, ERYT

Craig is an extraordinary healer. He is super intuitive, and he provides a safe and loving space for healing and transformation. I’ve been receiving healings from different healers for the past 25 years. And I am a healer myself. Over the years when receiving a healing, I would often feel so expanded that I’d energetically leave my body during the session. Afterwards I would feel very loopy and ungrounded, and even tired for the next few days. 

With Craig’s healings, I feel completely grounded in my physical body and even energized! I can sense what’s happening in the session without zoning out. I had one experience with him where I started the session with a lot of pain in my hip. After the session, I was pain free. It was magical and awe- inspiring. I could feel that the underlying negative consciousness that was stuck in my hip and attached to the physical pain was completely gone. And this was done remotely in a long-distance session! The more I work with him, I feel more joyful, energized, and present. I feel more grounded in my body and my body feels stronger and stronger. I am more empowered within myself. He is helping me to activate the Wonder Woman within me. :).  Thank you, Craig! 

Viki Scudiery
Root Energy Healing

Craig comes highly recommended as an incredible energy healer beyond his time. His connection between the universal energy and one’s individual soul quickly transmutes internal blockages into Divine Love.
Craig teaches unique grounding techniques which allows one to travel deeper into themselves to connect to higher consciousness, expanding one’s awareness. I am grateful for Craig and the work that he does.

Brenda Moken, Soul Energy Readings, Water Pourer of Soaring Eagle Lodge